UTN manufactures : HR bolts quality 8.8 and 10.9 without coating or hot dip galvanized ø 12 to 30 mm any length, SB bolts quality 8.8 hot dip galvanized ø 12 to 24 mm any length. These bolts are NF labellised.

Other productions : bolts any diameter and length. Bolts hot dip galvanized NF EN ISO 1461. Special parts galvanized.  Forged parts. Copying latte machining.

Technical expertise

  • Reactivity

    UTN has got a technical team which is able in the best deadlines to propose you special production. Each tool is manufactured in the company.
  • Sectors of Activity

    Electric network, mail network…, Building and public work, structures, tourist and sport, Equipment, metal constructions…

  • Quality control

    All your production is controlled in our own laboratory within our factory.

Economical perfomances

  • A turnover of more than 5 million Euros
  • A big Customer portfolio > 1200 customers (France and worldwide)
  • A recognized know-how
  • CE and NF labels for HR bolts.
  • Sales rise on the international plan
  • Launch of SB bolt
  • Obtaining marquage CE and NF for SB bolt
  • UTN is certified : ISO 9001 Affix
    Logo NF

    For HR and SB bolts