• Museum of Confluences, Lyon
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The stadium of France
  • The stadium of Lille
  • The stadium of Nice
  • The Viaduc of Millau
  • East railway in France
  • The peloponnese bridge
  • Boat lift “La Louvrière”
  • Restoration of “The Grand Palais”
  • Airbus shed, Toulouse
  • Wind turbines, Marocco
  • Winter cable cars
  • Rocket base, Courroux Guyane
  • Christmas tree, Disneyland, Paris
Viaduc de Millau

The Viaduc of Millau

LGV Est européenne

East railway in France

Tour Eiffel, Paris

The Eiffel Tower

Verrière du Grand Palais, Paris

Restoration of “The Grand Palais”

Musée Des Confluences, Lyon 2013

Museum of Confluences, Lyon

Base de lancement de Courroux, Guyane

◾Rocket base, Courroux Guyane